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Boiling the Ocean

My book will be a tour of both the most basic topics in I/T architecture and, simultaneously the most advanced.  I say “basic” because the philosophical underpinnings of any enterprise are the basic foundation upon which that enterprise rests.  These are topics every child should come to understand.  I say, “advanced” however, because these topics are tragically not taught and left for “advanced” studies.


As I move forward writing my book, I must work to avoid “boiling the ocean”.  I must winnow down my list of topics to what is relevant in architecture and justify why.  Of course, everything is relevant, eh?  (This will be one of my points.)


2 thoughts on “Boiling the Ocean

  1. Is this akin to “The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics” but for IT Architecture? Or something like Richard Feynman’s books that explain quantum mechanics at the kitchen table. He did not boil the ocean, but he sure help folks understand the issues that would be involved in boiling it. Maybe you need to have conversations around the kitchen table with someone who is smart, but NOT a domain expert in what you are going to write about. Just a thought …

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