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Topics thus far, in no particular order or preference:

  • Philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, logic, mathematics, linguistics, ethics, politics, government, law, aesthetics
  • Science: physics, chemistry, biology, physiology, cognition, materials science, information
  • Business: value in energy, value in matter, value in time, value in emotion, property, trust, liberty, promise, contract, charter, professionalism, banking, money, economics, industrial governance, value, risk, custody, care, investment, planning, action, the future
  • Art: architecture, design, measurement, collaboration, innovation, construction, experiment, career

2 thoughts on “Topics

  1. Hmm…I think you might be a little over ambitious here…I would suggest taking maybe 2 or 3 of the most important components of IT architecture to explain. Maybe a general beginner’s guide to start with. See how that goes, then expand into a deeper analyses of the various layers within it, in another book. Most people, as you know, are clueless about this field
    and the many fields related to it- (philosophy, science, etc.) to begin with. If you try to cram everything down in one full sweep, most will probably set the book down in bewilderment.
    One step at a time, is my suggestion.
    And just imagine all the sales you will get from the more advanced second, third or forth books you write. People will be clamoring for your latest…and you’ll be more than busy doing what you love.

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