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The Ethical Context

My cousin Rebecca Littman is correct: too many topics in my book!  My colleague Bill Barr also has the same great criticism.  Indeed, there are several books I need to generate from this.

I am converging on many concrete theses, and of course, multiple books and articles which to focus on over time.  I will have to start at the philosophical level first however since there is where all of my axioms and other assumptions will be defined and described.

Perhaps my first book will be to satisfy the thesis of,

The case for the ethical context in I/T architecture

Ultimately, the “ethical context” is the source of the most valuable quality attributes which must be balanced in any architecture.  These qualities, amongst others, are the difference between profit and loss, legal and illegal, even life or death:

  • Epistemology, semantics and standards of proof
  • Contract and charter trees/privilege and responsibility
  • Profit and cost responsibility
  • Value in ex ante versus ex post consideration (short term versus long term thinking)
  • Information quality in principle-agent relationships
  • Transaction costs (in the generalized sense, borrowing from both economic and legal theory)
  • Game theory (prisoner’s dilemma, chicken, information cascades)
  • Cognitive illusion and fallacy (responsibility for truth)
  • Rules versus standards (responsibility to protect)
  • Statute, regulation and law
  • Collaboration, property, markets, efficiency, rent-seeking, regulatory capture: the industry context
  • Market suppression: the business context
  • Architectural governance as a set of ethical virtues

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