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Data, Information and Knowledge

For my purposes, I define:

  • Data is the “in flight” potential to induce informational change; more specifically, data is a signal or energy (boson)
  • Information is a particular state of matter (fermion)
  • Knowledge is information encoded in the mind and available to our self-aware cognitive processes (consciousness)
    • Information encoded into the nervous system but not available to self-aware cognitive processes I will continue to associate with the more inert moniker of “information”
    • Wisdom is another matter entirely!

I like these definitions because they seem to help to clarify concepts in common with both information theory and physics.

2 thoughts on “Data, Information and Knowledge

  1. Events and data are separate. Events are signals that can be captured as data or modify the state of data. Data, information, knowledge and wisdom are all passive. Events can be simple or complex, atomic or aggregated. In fact, events almost never occur in isolation (unless artificially bounded by mechanics or wires) and are almost always colloids.

    “Data-driven” is bullshit. Objects react to events, not data.

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