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George Bergeron Was a Genius

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., in his short story, “Harrison Bergeron“, developed Harrison’s father, George, as a genius.  Harrion’s father however was “handicapped” with a headset he was forced to wear.  This headset was equipped with a wireless receiver.  Every few minutes, the office of the Handicapper General would broadcast an amazingly loud sound to wearers of this class of headset.  This amazingly loud sound would temporarily stun the wearers, forcing them to forget what they were thinking about.  This reduced the thinking level of geniuses to the lowest common denominator of thinking capabilities, beautifully illustrated in contrast by Harrison’s mother, Hazel.


Recently, scientists have discovered that class of cells, “K” (keniocellular) cells, at the end of optic nerve in primates which produce a sleep-like pulsing rhythm to the gateway of the optical cortex,


In previous postings, I have suggested that “pulsing” behavior in neural networks in the brain is one of nature’s “cheap and dirty tricks” to “stir the pot” as it were, or to prevent our neural networks from remaining saturated and otherwise unresponsive to continued adaptation to an animal’s ever-changing environment.  The rhythmic pulsing of the “K” optic layer might to induce a regular series of George Bergeron moments in the optical networks which would prevent easy saturation.

Neural networks probably rely on multiple methods for reducing saturation effects.  I am sure other network methods of de-saturation will be found along the visual pathway over time.


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