Some References for “Architecture Ethics”

I am waiting to obtain some consensus from my IASA peers with regard to the course outline.  Until then, I will talk obliquely about the content as it seems to be shaping up.  For now, let me give you a list of some of the references I will include these below.  I will also include references to some of the other classics, like Aristotle, Plato, Kant, and Hume, but here are some interesting readings from modern times.

“Spontaneous Order”

Now reading Spontaneous Order by Robert Sugden,

Update: Sugden argues to augment game-theoretic explanations for the rise of social norms with the memetics of convention,

…[the] patterns of behavior [are not] necessarily efficient.  They have evolved because they are more successful at replicating themselves than other patterns: if they can be said to have any purpose or function, it is simply replication. They do not serve any overarching social purpose; thus they cannot, in general, be justified in terms of any system of morality that sees society as having an overall objective or welfare function. The conventions that we follow may, however, have moral force for us. But if they do, that is because our moral beliefs are the products of the same process of evolution.