Publishing Plan

I am uncertain as to what my “publishing plan” will be.

I am not certain if I should publish related articles, or even selected content, ahead of time.  Heck, I am not certain how I will want to publish the book.  Should I self publish?  Publish through IASA?  Find a brand name retail publisher?  How much should I hold back and publish simultaneously with the book to generate interest?  What should I blog?  So many questions!

I am starting to write the book with the idea of creating as many separately consumable components as possible.  This may come off as a series of well-connected articles.  I want a product which is deliverable in many forms, including slide decks (for lectures), class material and so on.  My table of contents will shift, dramatically, as the “rubber meets the road” on this.

Writing the content is one thing to consider, but the technical details are potentially endless.